Writing Prompts: Chances

I was given a journal from one of my close friends a while back that has writing prompts on every page to inspire and discover something about yourself. I really found it helpful, especially getting away from my normal journaling routine of ‘I did this…then that…then another thing.’ I think I will start to add some of my journaling here when I feel the urge.

Writing Prompt: I am excited by these chances I am taking…

My life has completely changed direction in the past year. I gave birth to a beautiful little creature that I need to protect and teach daily. My wife and I are trying to navigate working full-time while keeping Deb out of daycare. The chances in this last year started with the decision to begin in earnest my yoga journey with teacher training online and making the commitment to have my certification to help others down that same path. Only a month after doing that, I made the biggest decision thus far in my adult working career to leave the well paying job that I held for 11 years. I left without a plan for what was next, I just knew that I couldn’t see myself there anymore working 50 plus hours and never seeing my family. The pain of stress and upset was too intense and it was a long time coming. I made that leap.

I had many interviews and felt out my choices, but I stuck to my gut and went for a sales position that I had no experience in, knowing that it was what I was meant to do at that moment. It was a major pay cut, and that worried us, but I kept my positivity up and started training. Only a week into training, the position received a near 40% increase in pay! It felt like the universe was listening to my need for financial stability and brought that into my life. It was amazing!

Since starting this new position, I have made it my daily mission to practice mindfulness in every part of my day. I read one of my books for yoga TT on the shuttle to work. I get outside on all my breaks to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. I try and stay hopeful and happy regardless of the task I am doing at work. I smile and greet everyone I pass by and I remember to be grateful for my every breath. This has helped me immensely with the stress of meeting new people and starting from scratch in a new career.

I truly feel that the chances I took have brought more happiness and peace into my life. My outlook has shifted to the point that everyone around me is starting to feel the ripple effect. My wife is meditating with me, my positive attitude is rubbing off on my colleagues, and my family situation couldn’t be better. Knowing that if I follow my inner voice it will lead me to the right answer is so empowering that I hope this inspires someone to try to listen to theirs. The universe is connected, just tell it what you need and it will come to you!

Love and light!

My daughter and I

Prompt from “An Inspired Life: A journal for thinking, dreaming, and discovering.” by M. H. Clark