Time to Thrive

I just returned from an amazing weekend on retreat in Texas with some amazing women. My teacher training is based near Dallas and it was the perfect time to recharge and reset my intentions in my practice. #yoga4love

Journaling has really helped me look within

The move and upheaval of everything in our lives has left little time to go within and create a self care routine like I was trying to maintain prior to the chaos. I was able to let a lot of my shadows take center stage this weekend and it felt good to know that I am where I should be. Everything that happens, I can handle, and if I keep in the present moment and not in what happened in the past, I create my future in the choices I make. That is a freeing notion. I can’t control what happens to me, but I can control what my reaction will be. Most of my darkest moments were when I felt out of control. If I only had taken a breath and centered myself, I would know that I can break the negative patterns and choose another path, one that is free from the hangups of bygone decisions.

My word to end the weekend was ‘thrive’, and I fully intend to do just that now that I’m home. I was just getting through everyday by the skin of my teeth before, stressing about every choice and worrying that we had made the wrong ones to get us here because so much was going wrong. But we are here for a reason, and I can’t wait to live every moment of this beautiful journey with renewed fervor and knowledge that I am so blessed and I am all I will ever need to feel complete. Remember to take care of yourself. Fill yourself up. There is only so much of your energy you can give before its gone and your are spiraling. The only way to keep your levels charged is fueling up with good food, deep breaths and positive thoughts. Practice makes perfect and I’m right there with you.

Find others who lift you up and help you grow. You’re not alone.

Love & Light