Moving Therapy

Selling and Buying a house at the same time is a stressful endeavor. I really don’t recommend it, lol. We have had a complete upheaval of our lives in as little as a month and we barely have had time to breathe and take in the beauty that our new property has to offer. I think it has started to sink in finally that each morning we will wake to crashing waves and a sunrise that is never the same as the last.

I have loved sitting on my meditation cushion right in front of the windows overlooking the lake each morning and doing my sun salutations on the deck. Making that my first priority when waking has gotten my days off to a good start, regardless of my hectic to do list.

Meditation spot

In busy times, it is crucial to cut out time for yourself. Even just taking some deep breaths when you feel overwhelmed or stressed can make a major difference. I have had to scrape time out, but I am more level and happier for it. I’m looking forward to more steady times but all of the change is welcomed and brought into being with hard work and positive thinking.

Love and Light!


I am fairly new to this motherhood club. Some days it still feels strange that I have a one year old running around. And she IS running now. Everything changed so quickly and it feels like time is going faster than it ever has in my life. That might be because my daughter’s changes seem to come fast and furious.

I was fortunate to get an entire perfect day with my wife and daughter yesterday at our lake house. It has been a while since we could carve out a day to go, but we forced our way up I-75 before the labor day holiday traffic and visited our safe haven. Every time I look out at ‘our lake’ and listen to the wind through the trees I can feel the weight of daily life slip away. I can breathe easy again. It’s amazing what a special spot on the earth can do for your psyche when you only associate it with happiness and peace.

We spend a good portion of our day at the beach and it was Deb’s first time in the water other than a baby pool. After the initial anxiety of doing something new, you could actually see her relax in the waves and her gaze became unfocused and distant. After our fun, we took a nap together and I woke before our daughter and watched her sleep. She looked so perfect, so unfiltered by the stresses that plague many of us. I stared at her in disbelief that my body could help create this little masterpiece. Her personality already shines bright and I cannot wait to see all the adventures we’ll share together as she grows.

Deborah Lorelei

Time is flowing. It only feels like it goes faster because we wish it would stop so we can appreciate this time with our daughter as a child. I try to feel gratitude every moment I share with her, even the meltdowns and crabby bits. Time is our most precious resource and the way we mothers spend it with our children will be what we create for their futures. It is a lot of responsibility, but it reminds me that I had that for myself all along. My outlook on life and reality will one day shape hers, and if that doesn’t shake me out of negative head space, nothing will.

To mothers: We forever shape the future. Try and make it a happy one!

Love and light!

Positive Affirmations

I am reading “What To Say When You Talk To Your Self” by Shad Helmstetter, PhD and there are a lot of Self Talk scripts in the book. I have been reading out loud to my wife at night when we are falling asleep. The author says that listening to positive self talk or affirmations daily can help to reprogram your brain and get it to start believing the new information you are feeding it. So here is my affirmation for the day. Feel free to use it if it speaks to you:

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Love and Light!

Writing Prompts: Chances

I was given a journal from one of my close friends a while back that has writing prompts on every page to inspire and discover something about yourself. I really found it helpful, especially getting away from my normal journaling routine of ‘I did this…then that…then another thing.’ I think I will start to add some of my journaling here when I feel the urge.

Writing Prompt: I am excited by these chances I am taking…

My life has completely changed direction in the past year. I gave birth to a beautiful little creature that I need to protect and teach daily. My wife and I are trying to navigate working full-time while keeping Deb out of daycare. The chances in this last year started with the decision to begin in earnest my yoga journey with teacher training online and making the commitment to have my certification to help others down that same path. Only a month after doing that, I made the biggest decision thus far in my adult working career to leave the well paying job that I held for 11 years. I left without a plan for what was next, I just knew that I couldn’t see myself there anymore working 50 plus hours and never seeing my family. The pain of stress and upset was too intense and it was a long time coming. I made that leap.

I had many interviews and felt out my choices, but I stuck to my gut and went for a sales position that I had no experience in, knowing that it was what I was meant to do at that moment. It was a major pay cut, and that worried us, but I kept my positivity up and started training. Only a week into training, the position received a near 40% increase in pay! It felt like the universe was listening to my need for financial stability and brought that into my life. It was amazing!

Since starting this new position, I have made it my daily mission to practice mindfulness in every part of my day. I read one of my books for yoga TT on the shuttle to work. I get outside on all my breaks to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. I try and stay hopeful and happy regardless of the task I am doing at work. I smile and greet everyone I pass by and I remember to be grateful for my every breath. This has helped me immensely with the stress of meeting new people and starting from scratch in a new career.

I truly feel that the chances I took have brought more happiness and peace into my life. My outlook has shifted to the point that everyone around me is starting to feel the ripple effect. My wife is meditating with me, my positive attitude is rubbing off on my colleagues, and my family situation couldn’t be better. Knowing that if I follow my inner voice it will lead me to the right answer is so empowering that I hope this inspires someone to try to listen to theirs. The universe is connected, just tell it what you need and it will come to you!

Love and light!

My daughter and I

Prompt from “An Inspired Life: A journal for thinking, dreaming, and discovering.” by M. H. Clark

Sending it to the Universe

I feel like I am right where I am supposed to be. This week has been really wonderful. I found a good routine to keep me on track with my meditation in the morning before getting ready for work. I feel close and connected to my wife and daughter. I am enjoying my training at work and getting to know my coworkers. It’s all falling into place.

Some moments are harder than others. I can slip back into my habits of worrying what others think of me, of hating my body, of feeling like a phony with all the positivity I try to maintain. But now I recognize those moments. Before I would just wallow and feel like garbage, knowing I wasn’t good enough. I see my ego for what it is: a part of me, but it does not control my actions of thoughts. I will no longer be a victim to my negative past.

I even filled out an application to receive start up money from Comerica with Hatch Detroit to get a house to start this business for real. I took my time, but I did not agonize over needing perfection and an immaculate representation of my vision. I went with my gut and let it go. What happens is now up to the Universe, and I am okay with that. Loving life, and I hope you do too! Let go and breathe my lovelies!


Monday Intention

Do you have a list for this week? A certain intention that you want to strive for? Here is my list for the week:

  1. Meditate daily
  2. Drink tea
  3. Do one self care thing every day (i.e. paint nails, get a massage, read a book for pleasure)
  4. Stop negative thoughts with a positive (“I’m stressed but I am getting so much done!”)
  5. Send a text to someone you love that you haven’t talked to in a while

What is your weekly intention?