Being Away From Home

There is something about being away from home. A new place that is a palette cleanser, but more for the soul. Being somewhere different lets the parts of your daily routine that bog you down flit away, even for a moment, creating space to be creative and daring.

The bloom of last summer
I always look forward to any time at our lake retreat. It’s small but lovely and my favorite place to be. Where even making tea feels new.
Without a real kettle, you make due
I try to live every moment with a sense of gratitude when I get the time away from the grind. I hope you find time soon too.Namaste

I Did It! Starting Yoga Teacher Training Today

So I took the plunge! I was initially going to do three classes for school, but I decided to drop two and start my online yoga teacher training instead! I am so happy with my decision, and I can’t wait to start my daily practice of yoga and meditation! Online was really the only logistical way to start my training and it seems like the course I chose is very thorough and interested in keeping me accountable and connected to the community of students and teachers. I will be blogging more about the experience on here and sharing pictures of my progress!

I look forward to this journey with all of you as well! Namaste!