Your Mind is Magic! Now Learn to Wield It

Behold the Magic of your Mind!

Do you need a vacation?

  • Close your eyes
  • Take a deep cleansing breath
  • Imagine in your mind’s eye your favorite spot you wish to travel to. (It’s easier if you have been there before)
    • What smells do you remember?
    • How did this place make you feel?
    • Who are you with?
    • Remember every detail, small and large to really immerse yourself

…And you are on vacation!

Do you miss someone?

  • Close your eyes
  • Take a deep cleansing breath
  • Picture that person in your mind’s eye
    • What do you remember about their face?
    • Their hands?
    • What do they smell like?
    • How do you react to their voice?
    • How did they made you feel?
    • Use every detail you can remember to bring them to you

…And they are with you!

Do you want to travel back in time?

  • Close your eyes
  • Take a deep cleansing breath
  • Think of the time you wish to revisit in your mind
    • What music was playing at that time?
    • Where are you?
    • Who were you with?
    • What smells reach your nostrils?
    • How did it make you feel?
    • Use every memory to transport you to that particular time

…And you are back there!

Your brain is a magnificent machine. It keeps our body in perfect balance without a conscious thought from us. It can also be a teleporter, a time-machine and a space ship that can take us anywhere in time and space that we can imagine. USE that BEAUTIFUL brain of yours! When you feel tired and in need of a vacation, when you miss someone far away or someone who has passed, and when you wish to be immersed in a moment in time. Your mind can be your ticket to paradise and a ticket to hell in the next thought. Choose where your mind takes you. Learn to hone your mind-wrangling skills with these exercises and see the endless places you can travel! Safe journeys!

Spiritual Guidance Meditation

Take a deep inhale, exhale with a sigh.

Start to think about the problem you have that needs a solution.

What kind of emotions come up?

Feel them for a brief time, and let them go.

Surrender so that you may find clarity.

Give yourself grace for your reaction.

Take a full breath, inhaling creativity, exhaling fear.

In your mind’s eye, visit your heart space.

Picture your inner light as a flame flickering warmly in your chest.

Listen intently.

Your heart wishes you to move deeper and follow its call.

When you are on the right path, your flame becomes an inferno, lighting your way in the darkness.

Open yourself up to the universe for the guidance you seek.

There are signs and clues all around you, one needs just to look.

Inhale resolution.

Exhale confusion.

Slowly come back to your body.

Love & Light!

©Anchorage Retreat Center 20220

The Cosmic Dance of Life

Listen closely to the crashing waves

It is the breath of our world


Her roiling fury, white caps breaking the surface, wrinkles on the face of the sea


Her fervent grasp on the shore, eroding hillsides, grinding stone into sand

The hypnotic rhythm of silence then sound

Sometimes soft and lapping

other times like a whip cracking

Her destiny is tied to the Moon

The lunar covenant which binds as long as they both shall live

Primordial matrimony bared witness by the stars with no objection.

This interstellar pairing a reminder that we are part of that infinite pull as well

Our bodies burning sugar and starch, transmuting calories to energy

Flowing synapses recharge our system and move our limbs

Organs shifting in tandem to detoxify and respire

The ancient magick of divine creation

Mirrored in every facet of life

Micro and macro are linked and share the same story

Connection is our communion

The human heart our church



The cosmic dance of life