Joy in movement

Whenever I feel stuck or stagnant in a pose, I tend to make it a dance. At first I held it back and told myself that there is a reason you are meant to hold the pose for three to five breaths. But sometimes you just have to feel what’s in your body, and flowing slowly through the poses in dance feels so good! I have decided that my practice is just that, mine! When teaching a specific Vinyasa style or sequence, that is the time to listen to my teachers and my training. I find joy in both ways of yoga expression.

I have had many body image issues throughout my life and my yoga journey, but when I feel the strength of my body in a pose or dancing by myself I feel beautiful and tapped in. The energy flows through me and I feel alive and worthy.

Yoga unfortunately has become mostly for the rich who can afford a 15+ dollar class three times a week with perfect abs and amazing headstands. I want my center to be for everyone, at a price point that is manageable and all inclusive to my community. This means that woman who really wanted to try it will hopefully take that chance and join us.

I hope more plus size people can tap into that flowing energy of knowing that you are not your body, and you are not your mind. You are eternal and you are magnificent! Can’t wait for the Yurt to be build so I can start teaching and dancing with my new yogi family!

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