Masala Rice and Limo-Vera Mocktail

The baby and I had an accomplished day today. I was able to grab some items from the store so I can start making artwork and jewelry to sell on our Etsy page (coming soon) and I made another delicious meal: Masala Vegetable Spiced Rice.

Only half of the spices in this dish. It smelled like heaven!

I didn’t have asafoetida and I had to substitute the cardamom pods for ground, but I was able to find everything else. My spice rack is now heaping with a myriad of beautiful spices! Here is the end result:

It was very delicious. The only complaint I had was there was quite a bit of inedible items still left in the dish; like the bay leaves, cinnamon stick bits and cumin seeds. For future tries I might sift them out before adding the veggies and rice. The garnish of cilantro and shredded coconut was a pretty topping to a colorful dish.

I wanted a drink to add to my dinner, so I tried some Aloe Vera juice (Farmer’s) for the first time. To make it fancy, I added a squirt of the juice from the lime in the rice recipe and topped it with the coconut shreds to tie it all together. It tasted like a wine cooler, so fresh and sweet. I named it Limo-vera mocktail. I will definitely make this again when I have a craving for a sweet mixed drink.

Cheers to this mocktail! Yummy!

I’m feeling happy with this fun journey of discovery with new recipes and fresh foods.

Love & Light!

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