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I have decided to try my hand at cooking some traditional Ayurvedic meals. According to VeryWellFit.com “An Ayurvedic diet is an eating plan that provides guidelines for when you eat, what you eat, and how you eat to boost your health, prevent or manage disease, and maintain wellness. If you follow an Ayurvedic diet, you’ll eat primarily whole or minimally processed foods and practice mindful eating rituals.”

I am not comfortable in the kitchen by any stretch of the imagination, but I can follow a recipe. The main problem with these recipes is they have a lot of ingredients not readily available in rural America where I find myself. The Walmart 20 minutes from our home had more than I would have thought, but I still had to tweak my concoctions to what I could acquire locally. So I started with two dishes, Winter Vegetable Soup and Kitchari.

My groceries from Walmart and Save-a-lot

The Kitchari was the fan favorite. The main items I didn’t have for this particular recipe was mung dal (subbed lentils), cumin seeds(skipped) and asafoetida (skipped). All in all it had a great curry flavor and I added squash, leeks, carrots, and green beans for the mixed veggies. My wife really liked it and even my one year old liked the vegetables. I wouldn’t skimp on the fresh ginger and cilantro, they really made the dish.

Kitchari recipe from https://www.ayurveda.com/recipes/kitchari

The Winter Vegetable Soup was well received as well. My daughter loved the sweet potato and I loved the heat from the curry at the back of your throat. The ingredient missing was curry leaves and I subbed yellow squash for the dumpling squash it called for.

Winter Vegetable Soup from https://www.ayurveda.com/recipes/winter-vegetable-soup

I am heartened that I was able to make food for my family that was really tasty and I knew was healthy and fresh. I can’t wait to keep on this path on my yogic journey with tying in my meditaiton, asana and eating practices together to create a more full routine. Let me know if you know of any good recipes we should try!

Love & Light!

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  1. I often use Amazon for hard to find ingredients, that helps. This looks really good the way it is, though! Some of the more common spices I get from the bulk food place in Mio off Kittle Rd. VERY good prices and phenomenal amount of spices, flours, rice, etc. Worth checking out if you havent been there.

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