Moving Therapy

Selling and Buying a house at the same time is a stressful endeavor. I really don’t recommend it, lol. We have had a complete upheaval of our lives in as little as a month and we barely have had time to breathe and take in the beauty that our new property has to offer. I think it has started to sink in finally that each morning we will wake to crashing waves and a sunrise that is never the same as the last.

I have loved sitting on my meditation cushion right in front of the windows overlooking the lake each morning and doing my sun salutations on the deck. Making that my first priority when waking has gotten my days off to a good start, regardless of my hectic to do list.

Meditation spot

In busy times, it is crucial to cut out time for yourself. Even just taking some deep breaths when you feel overwhelmed or stressed can make a major difference. I have had to scrape time out, but I am more level and happier for it. I’m looking forward to more steady times but all of the change is welcomed and brought into being with hard work and positive thinking.

Love and Light!

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  1. That is wonderful. Yes, what a big endeavor for all of you. Everything looks beautiful and so are all of you. Love you

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