Sending it to the Universe

I feel like I am right where I am supposed to be. This week has been really wonderful. I found a good routine to keep me on track with my meditation in the morning before getting ready for work. I feel close and connected to my wife and daughter. I am enjoying my training at work and getting to know my coworkers. It’s all falling into place.

Some moments are harder than others. I can slip back into my habits of worrying what others think of me, of hating my body, of feeling like a phony with all the positivity I try to maintain. But now I recognize those moments. Before I would just wallow and feel like garbage, knowing I wasn’t good enough. I see my ego for what it is: a part of me, but it does not control my actions of thoughts. I will no longer be a victim to my negative past.

I even filled out an application to receive start up money from Comerica with Hatch Detroit to get a house to start this business for real. I took my time, but I did not agonize over needing perfection and an immaculate representation of my vision. I went with my gut and let it go. What happens is now up to the Universe, and I am okay with that. Loving life, and I hope you do too! Let go and breathe my lovelies!


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