Dragon Goddess

For my yoga teacher training, there is an assignment in the first module of finding a goddess that resonates with you and why. I spent a little time googling different goddesses and none really seemed to connect. There were many I hadn’t even heard of, only knowing their male counterparts in the mythology I learned through the years.

Then a thought struck me. I have always felt a kinship to the dragon. Growing up, my fascination with the movie ‘Dragonheart’ and even the earthly dragons that were dinosaurs in ‘Jurassic Park’ was very real. My favorite book series was ‘The Death Gate Cycle’ and dragons were a big part of the worlds in its pages. One of my first tattoos, on a silly whim that I later regretted because of the placement, was a dragon serpent on my chest when I was 19. More recently, I had been a part of a tea ceremony and through the process felt another spark with the mythical creature through the connection of tea. I googled ‘dragon goddess’ and Tiamat came up.

My tattoo, who I named Sangdrax (after character in Death Gate Cycle)

The funny thing about this goddess is I have heard of her before, but not from studying Babylonian lore. It was from another large part of my childhood, the video game series Final Fantasy. This may seem minuscule but I was obsessed with Final Fantasy for many years, so in turn it was significant and precious to me.

Tiamat from Final Fantasy VIII

Tiamat was the mother of all the gods. “She was the primordial Chaos, and the all-powerful, nurturing Mother of everything in existence.She was associated with the salt water ocean, the origin of life on Earth. From Her waters, She gave rise to the land and separated it from the sky, as the ocean’s horizon does.” The ocean has always been a calming and restorative factor in my life and I always feel pulled to water and also humbled by it. “Tiamat is the personification of elemental forces of Nature that can never be tamed or constrained.” My kind of goddess! (Quotes taken from wikipedia.com)

I liked this exercise very much. It gave rise to much retrospection and interesting thoughts on my connection with my own inner goddess. The dragon will always be my symbol of strength, passion, and magic.


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  1. Gorgeous job goddess! This is so beautiful. The power of resonance and how it plays through our lives, consciously and unconsciously. I was honored to sing in one of the scenes on the video game “That Dragon Cancer” and it was one of the most humbling and amazing singing experiences of my life. Keep it up dragon goddess…your heart is great, your power amazing.🦋🦋🦋

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