Taking the Leap

Change is always a scary thing. You get into a routine, go through the motions countless times, and get stuck in your muscle memory. Change is disruption from shutting your brain and emotions off, from seeing outside the lane you are currently traversing. Most of the time just the thought of having to reorganize your life will stop you from pursuing anything different that could be more meaningful, more fulfilling, more in line with what you want.

Well I say, take the leap. Get out of your head and into your life. Time is so fleeting and regret rampant. You may stumble and take a misstep more than once, but the journey is more important than where you end. Keep your heart open to whatever comes and breathe through each experience. Seeing with ‘eyes unclouded’ will direct you where you are meant to be. I truly believe that.

So remember you are deserving of the risk. The pursuit of happiness is only available if you take it, and change will never happen until you open yourself to the path you were born to walk with unabashed joy. It’s all inside, your intention will create your life. Good luck and I believe in you.


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