Lots of New Beginnings

I had our first 6am meditation in the park today for our Zen House Tribe MeetUp group. I was by myself, but I was able to scope the place out and find the perfect spot for next time. I understand that it may always just be myself, as 6am is quite early on a monday morning, but it is good to keep myself accountable and also give others the opportunity to join if they so desire, thus creating community.

The weather was perfect, but very muddy

I started my actual teacher training today, talking via Zoom to the director Lisa Ware and a very nice yogini who helped me with the registration process. It is a little overwhelming at first. They use a lot of different applications, so I spent a good two hours of my Easter yesterday downloading apps and signing up for things. But I think I have most of it down.

I took my first class on Youtube and it wasn’t as strange as I thought. I have tried yoga on Youtube alone before and I felt like I didn’t get the same feeling as I do in class. Being there in real life will never be topped, but I really enjoyed my hatha vinyasa class. After that I listened to one of the audios available, chanting with the Chakras. I miss chanting with others, it is very soothing and you feel connected on a deep level to those around you.

One of the assignments is to take a picture of your Quiet place, where you will be doing Sadhana, meaning spiritual excursion towards an intended goal. I feel quite proud of my ‘Red Room’, called that for obvious reasons. It is part of the course that I create and keep a meditation daily routine. At least I have day one down!

My sacred ‘Red Room’

I have tomorrow off so I plan to delve deeper into the log I need to keep and also work on some other homework for my other three classes. (Might have bitten more off than I should have). What seems like a million books that are required reading will be coming in as well from Amazon. Where to even begin? So many possibilities!


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