New Boss Jitters

Have you even been nervous for change? Well, you’re human and you’re breathing, so I can assume you have. It’s even worse when that change is something you can’t control. Take for example, I’m getting a new boss tomorrow. I am going to be sitting with my old one and he is doing my review in front of my new direct leader. First impressions are so key that this scenario makes my stomach do flips, and I can usually handle pressure fairly well.

I keep telling myself that I am great at my job and there is nothing to be nervous about, but that is easier said than felt. All I can do now is breathe and chill out. What will be will be and if I come at it from a positive place, then all for the better. I have been really trying to calm my working mind and it is definitely something that I need to keep practicing! Wish me luck! Namaste.

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